Anchorage Tattoo Studio

In the heart of Anchorage's bustling midtown, at 706 West Benson Boulevard, lies a place where artistry, history, and ink converge - Anchorage Tattoo Studio. Anchorage, Alaska's premier tattoo destination, welcomes enthusiasts Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm. But before you step inside, remember, you must be 18 or older with a valid ID to enter this remarkable establishment.

Larry's Journey: A Tale of Tattoo Passion

The story of Anchorage Tattoo Studio begins with a passionate young artist named Larry. At the tender age of 12, Larry's world was forever changed when his friend's buddy returned from the military adorned with a tattoo. The allure of this indelible art form captivated him instantly. Fuelled by an insatiable curiosity, he embarked on a journey that would eventually shape his destiny.

By the time Larry turned 16, he'd already dipped his toes into the world of tattooing, experimenting on himself and anyone willing to be his canvas. But it was a pivotal moment in 1960 that set him on the path of professional tattooing. Lyle Tuttle, a renowned name in the industry, inked Larry's first professional tattoo - a panther head that elegantly concealed his earlier "home pokes."

Larry's dreams were set on Alaska, and he found himself joining the army with hopes of being stationed in this breathtaking state. However, destiny had other plans, and it wasn't until 1965 that he finally achieved his Alaskan dream. Anchorage became his home, a place where his love for tattoos would flourish.

Larry was not just a tattoo artist; he was a multi-talented individual. A professional musician, a classic car enthusiast, and a master of construction who built his own homes. His life was a journey that took him from California to Hawaii, British Columbia, and, finally, to Alaska. Along the way, he honed his tattooing skills, influenced by some of the greats in the industry.

Among his influences, Cliff Raven's traditional Japanese style tattooing left a lasting mark, as did John the Dutchman's fine art approach, and Bob Shaw's mastery in machine building. Larry was a true pioneer in the world of tattooing, starting his craft in an era where artists mixed their own ink and crafted their needles.

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